Get Your JOY In The Morning was originally birthed by the visionary, Joy T.J. Riley, as a morning devotional email to readers five days a week in 2009.  Its popularity grew with readers and Joy eventually launched the book with the same name. The book later became the launchpad for Get Your JOY In The Morning! LLC, a Media Company. The media company has had works featured on Amazon Prime Video, Cinistream and created live theater performances. Its work on Broken Pieces received three nominations by the Black Continental Independent Movie Awards (BCIMA) in 2020, including "Best Film" and received one of the awards. Get Your JOY In The Morning specializes both in writing reviews for films and television shows as well as collaborating with authors to turn their written works into visual productions.


Joy T.J. Riley



Joy started her writing career in trade magazines in the early 2000s as an administrative/editorial assistant and circulation manager. She went on to become a freelance writer for a nationally distributed magazine focusing on positive entertainment. Joy has interviewed such people as Snoop Dogg's Mom, Evangelist Green as well as the ex-wife of Marvin Gaye, Janis Gaye and brother Antoine Gaye. Joy, a former published author twice over and a celebrated speaker, has been recognized by two Baltimore City mayors and the African-American Authors & Empowerment Expo for her contributions to African-American literature. Joy's previous works have both gone international, reaching multiple continents. She has received awards for her dedication to inspiring others and advocating for the voiceless. Joy assisted six other writers to become authors, showing that she could not only do it but could reach back and help others get it done. Joy, now turned playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker and producer, focuses on visual storytelling. She has been recognized by the Caribbean Association at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for her creative leadership in the Humanities and Performing Arts that supports the Caribbean and American Communities. Joy is an associate producer on what is now Earl 'DMX' Simmons' last film, Doggmen. Joy is the screenwriter, director and producer for a new film, Broken by God to be Blessed. Please visit the current production tab.


Raiza Bonaparte

Vice President/


Raiza has trained on stage in front of thousands of Latino men and women in network marketing. Raiza is a bonafide business woman with an eye for great investments and talent. She was a former talent scout with Barbizon Modeling. She rose to the top in the mortgage lending industry and helped many Latino families with purchasing their first home.  Raiza is currently the CEO of an award-winning custom tailoring business, The Capital Tailor Inc. She is a wife, mother of five artistically gifted children and a grandmother of two.

Karen Head2.jpg

Karen Clark-Reddon

Production Manager/


Every experience tells a story and Karen created an events company to specialize in compelling storytelling.  She has positively impacted lives across the globe with her youth mentorship, private coaching, and expertly executed virtual and in-person events. Karen is the owner of Devonshire – A Perfect Events Company, LLC, which offers event planning and management services.

Her work backstage on the stage play Broken Pieces led to a more involved role in Broken by God to be Blessed with more to come.

Karen is a wife and mother of one child.


Lynne Coleman

Personal Assistant


Lynne is a woman of many gifts and talents. One of her greatest gifts is the gift of helps. She sees a need and steps in. Lynne has a background in Information Technology. She has a love for those with special needs and the homeless. She is observant and detailed and always wants to see others win.